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You’ve seen this phrase often enough, “Work From Home”. Many have tried it. Some have succeeded where others have failed. I’m guessing that is what you’re looking for now. Why else would you be here?

Working from home sounds like a great idea, but is it worth it? Let’s look at some work at home jobs.

My Personal Work From Home Experience

Back in the 1990s, I worked for an Information Technology company. While there, I was able to work from home. The technology to do it was not as good as what we have today, but was able to do it. The only problem was I ended up working more hours and had to be on call at night. Going out with friends would end early as I would get a call or a beep from a beeper. As you can guess, it was not worth it, at least it wasn’t over 20 years ago.


They’re everywhere! You go eat at a restaurant. They ask you to take a survey on the service and the quality of the food you received. You get your car fixed. They ask you to take a survey on what was done and if you suggest their dealership to other people. You call a company because you are having a problem with their service. They ask you to take a survey on their responsiveness and whether you were satisfied with the results. We get it! They’re trying to get positive reviews to get more business, but it seems like surveys are everywhere you go.

As you can imagine, there are online companies that pay people to take surveys. I just did a Google Search on “surveys for money”. The first one says you can earn up to $35 per survey. I clicked on it and it looks like you have to earn points and you can get gift cards. I wonder how many points you would need before you get a $25 gift card. Maybe this would be worthwhile for a college student, but not for me.

Look at the last one – “Get Paid $90 Per Survey?”. Now you’re talking! At least they sound honest on the first page I ended up on. Don’t expect to make thousands a month. Maybe you’ll make a few hundred, but you’ll have to spend more time than expected to do it. That’s fine, but don’t quit your day job to do it.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shoppers, or Secret Shoppers, are hired by companies or third party organizations to pose as a shopper and make purchases. Then the mystery shoppers report on customer service and other information. Some people have made extra money being a mystery shopper similar to surveys, but still not enough to quit your full time job.

Unfortunately, there are mystery shopper scams out there. The Federal Trade Commission advises not to answer ads from newspapers or emails. They also say not to wire money as some fake companies try to have the mystery shopper deal with a money transfer service like Western Union. The mystery shopper receives a check with instructions to deposit it in a personal bank account, withdraw the amount in cash, and wire it to a third party. As you can guess, it’s a fake check. It may take weeks for a bank to determine that the check is fake and with the check clearing beforehand, the mystery shopper would be responsible to pay back the bank. It’s never a good idea to deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then wire money back.

Affiliate Marketing

How would you like to work at home, not have to purchase products to sell, and not have to store anything at a storage unit or warehouse. All you need to do is get customers to companies to purchase their product. If the customer buys the company’s product, you get a commission. That’s affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you play the middle man in this venture. You can become an affiliate by putting together a blog, writing articles, and linking to the company that the customer can access. Sounds simple, but there’s more to it, like determining what to write, figuring out keywords, and getting articles to the first pages of Google and Bing. That’s where companies like Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped people become affiliates since 2005. They have many hours of training, help from other affiliates and tools to help you write articles. As with other work from home jobs, it will take time and work to start making revenue, but as you write more posts, you will have the opportunity to make more money. All you need to get started is a niche for your blog, like a hobby, traveling or something else you might enjoy. Then you write some content based on your niche.

So, is there something out there that you like that you can write to interest other people? Then join Wealthy Affiliate and start working on your future. Keep working on it, and someday you can work on it full time.

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  1. I love your recommendations, thanks for sharing this!

    I’m especially impressed by affiliate marketing. Surveys can be a nice way to earn some extra cash if you have down time at work, or during commercials if you’re watching TV, as long as you get the right survey sites. I’ve found Product Report Card to be the best for surveys.

    Have you heard of Field Agent or Rewardable for mystery shopping?

    Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome option. Their support and service are second to none for any affiliate.

    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jordan! I didn’t see Product Report Card when looking for surveys. I’ll have to check it out.

      I haven’t heard of Field Agent or Rewardable either. My experience with mystery shopping was getting emails when I was out of work, but they all looked like spam.

      Wealthy Affiliate is great, especially with their new format. How do you like it?



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