Lucktastic App Review

Lucktastic Review

Name: Lucktastic


Price: Free

Owners: Jump Ramp Games

Overall Rank: 4 out of 5

Lucktastic Overview

According to their website, “Lucktastic is a quick, safe, and fun way to win real prizes in your spare time. A few minutes a day spent scratching our 100% free cards can net you cash, gift cards, and more!”.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Fun way to pass the time

Good gift cards can be obtained after collecting tokens each day

The Bad:

Apps playing between every or every other scratch cards, but that’s the price we pay for playing free

Unless you’re lucky, not a lot of money made

Only US Residents can play

Who is Lucktastic For?

If you like buying scratch cards or lottery tickets at the local convenience store, then you may like Lucktastic. It works on both Android and iPhone devices so you can play it anywhere.

What Lucktastic Offers

Daily Reward

Each consecutive day (after the very first day you enter) that you go into Lucktastic and play one scratch card, you get a daily reward. So, if you go in three days in a row and don’t go in on the fourth day, then the daily reward goes back to the first day. Here is what you can get:

  • First Day – 150 Tokens
  • Second Day – 250 Tokens
  • Third Day – 350 Tokens
  • Fourth Day – 500 Tokes
  • Fifth Day – Mystery Reward which is either a random number of tokens or random number of entries for one of their contests.

Scratch Tickets

Every morning and evening, you are given scratch tickets. Each scratch ticket has you try to match 3 of the 6 images. If you win, you get the monetary amount or number of tokens on the ticket. You also get a second chance to get something, either tokens or cash. Most of the time, I will get somewhere between 4 and 100 tokens from that second chance.

There are $5,000 and $10,000 scratch tickets which you will not be able to play at first. The $5,000 ticket will unlock when you play 5 consecutive days. Then it will stay open until you miss a day, which will lock it again until you play another 5 consecutive days. I think the $10,000 ticket will unlock after you play 100 scratch tickets.

Lucktastic has different contests that you can enter. For example, as I write this, they have contests to win gas for a month, groceries for a month, a trip to Walt Disney World, and up to $50,000. If you click on one of them, you get a free entry. Then, when you click on “Tap here”, you can multiply the entry by up to 10 times. If you share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can get an extra 10 entries each. Then you’ll enter another screen to get more entries. Click on 10 Entries will automatically give you 10 more entries. You can add more entries by using some of your tokens or watching ads. Each viewing will give you an additional entry. So, if you have some extra time, you can rack up some extra entries.

You can even take surveys on Lucktastic. Each survey may ask you initial questions to see if it would be worth your and their time to participate in that individual survey. I tried it one day and think I was able to do about half of the surveys I selected. If you finish a survey, you’ll get tokens. The longer the survey, the more tokens you’ll receive.

Earn More Tokens
There are other opportunities to earn more tokens in Lucktastic including downloading apps, playing games, following them on social media and even referring friends.

Click on the Four Leaf Clover

Clicking the Four Leaf Clover on the upper left side of your screen will display Lucktastic’s menu.

At the top is Scratch Cards which is the default option as that will be the screen you will see every time you enter the app.

Next is Instant Rewards which show you what rewards you redeem your tokens with. Rewards include magazine subscriptions and gift cards.

Next up is Enter Contests which display more contests then on the Scratch Cards screen. You can add entries to any of these contests by using your tokens. They even have contests to win more tokens.

Redeem Cash shows different ways you can get your cash. Although I don’t see it here, you can redeem $1 if you have a Dwolla account. On this screen, if you have between $2 and $9.99, you can get gift cards. If you have at least $10, they can mail you a check, and if you have over $100, you can get a Visa Gift Card.

There are more menu entries including Recent Winners, Get More Tokens, Friends, Settings and of course Log Out.

Lucktastic’s Price

Unlike the scratch tickets you buy at the store, Lucktastic’s daily scratch tickets are free to play. Of course, expect to see ads in between scratch tickets. I haven’t seen any premium setting where you would pay to get rid of the ads like other apps.

Beware of Lucktastic Scam

Some have received calls from people who say they are from Lucktastic and tell you that won a large amount of money. To get this, they will tell you that you will need to pay an application fee. Lucktastic will never call you informing you about this.

My Final Opinion of Lucktastic

If you expect to make a lot of money with this app, you may be disappointed unless you luck out. It’s just like playing a real scratch ticket from your local store. If you can get past that, you may like Lucktastic.

I actually tried Lucktastic a couple of years ago. I think I tried it for a couple of months and only made $2.75, but couldn’t get it because back then you needed to win at least $10 to redeem. According to the website, you can now redeem as little as $1 if you have a Dwolla account. I download Lucktastic again about 3 weeks ago and haven’t won a penny yet, though I do have over 21,000 tokens. I’m hoping to get to 70,000 tokens in the next two months so I can get a restaurant gift card I can use on my vacation. Crossing my fingers.

So, like I said earlier, if you like buying scratch tickets, why not try play for free at home.

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