Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is to Affiliate Marketing as the Swiss Army Knife is to Campers. A Swiss Army Knife has tools that a Camper can use in the woods. Jaaxy has tools that can help affiliates do research and determine what they need to attract customers.

Keyword / Niche Research

The knife is the most used tool on a Swiss Army Knife, and respectively, niche and keyword research is the most useful tool to affiliates. Before you can write content, you need keywords that customers are searching for, and Jaaxy can assist you with this.

The image above is an example of results that can be found when entering a word or phrase into Jaaxy. For this example, I put in “finding your niche” and here are some keywords that Jaaxy produced. Let’s quickly go over each column.

  • Avg: The average number of searches for this word/phrase each month
  • Traffic: If your post is on the first page of any of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), this is how many people you could expect to visit your website as a result.
  • QSR: The Quoted Search Results or number of competing website that are on Google for this keyword
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator which will display green for Great, yellow for Normal, and red for Poor
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization which show a score from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better chance you have getting on the first page of Google.

At the time of writing this article, I was enrolled in Jaaxy (Lite) which is a free service. You can upgrade to paid ones, but we’ll talk about that later. You’ll notice toward the right side of the image the words “Get QSR”. With the Starter and Lite services, you have to click on them manually to see QSR, KQI and SEO. They are shown automatically in the paid services, but I have no problem clicking each one individually.

As a rule of thumb, I look for an AVG over 30, QSR under 100 and SEO above 90. Some people look for higher AVG scores to start, but for a beginning affiliate, over 30 should work fine. Now, let’s see which keywords would work best.

  1. Profitable Niche – Has an AVG of 64 which is over the 30 that I look for, but has a QSR of 292 which means significant competition.
  2. Find My Niche – A QSR of 426 means too many competing websites.
  3. Find Your Niche Market – An AVG of 88 looks good. A QSR of 121 is a little higher than my goal, but an SEO score of 97 would make me consider this keyword.
  4. Free Niche Finder – An AVG of 120, QSR of 101 and an SEO score of 93 puts this one in the running as well.
  5. Find Your Niche – With 481 competing websites, I can understand the SEO score of only 14.

And the winner is… #4 Free Niche Finder.
Though the SEO score is not the highest, it’s still above the 90 that I’m looking for, plus it has a high AVG. So, I would write an article with the title “Free Niche Finder”. Pretty neat tool.

Alphabet Soup

Another nice keyword search feature in Jaaxy is Alphabet Soup. This is where you put in a word or phrase, and you get a number of keywords which include each letter of the alphabet.

Once again, I put in “finding your niche” . The image above shows the results that include the letter ‘a’. For the Starter service, you get 5 keywords per letter, the Lite service gives you 10 and the paid services give you more. These are the 10 that came up under the letter ‘a’. Most of them include “find a niche” but some of these may interesting to write about including “are you struggling to find your niche”, “how you find a niche to make you rich”, and “how do you find a niche for affiliate marketing”. When you find one that interests you, you click on the Search link to the right of the keyword and it will take you back to the keyword research page where you can determine the best one to write about. So, Alphabet Soup makes you search keywords, which ends up making you search for more keywords. What more could you ask for?

Site Rank

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see where your page ends up in Google, Bing and Yahoo? Well, Jaaxy give you that ability. I don’t think the Starter service has this. The Lite service shows if your page is on the first page of these Search Engines, where I believe the paid services will show up to 20 pages. It would be nice to see if your page is going up or down in rankings, but being on page 1 is most important.

Here is an example of a keyword I used for my CollectUsCoins.com website. As you can see, my page that uses that keyword is ranked #7 in Google and #2 in Bing. Below that I included what shows on the first page for this keyword on Bing and mine shows up #2 as highlighted in blue. If you have a paid service, you can also track the keyword to get more information.

There Are Other Tools Included In Jaaxy

You can check these other tools out which you are in Jaaxy. Some options are only included under paid services.

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Search Analysis
  • Brainstorm

Membership Options

These are as of April 2018:

You have to be a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate to enroll in the Lite Membership. It’s great for starting affiliates. I may consider going for Pro or Enterprise in the future.

Consider being a Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate. You can see my Review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here!


  1. Hello Kevin,

    thanks for this great review of Jaaxy. I am using this tool for my blog and so far, it supported me a lot when it comes to keywords.

    In the beginning, I focused a lot on keywords with as little competition as possible, to rank as good as possible. Of course, the AVG was also kind of low for these searches.

    Do you know if there are similar tools offering the same or even better functions?


    1. Thanks for the comment Mia! There are other keyword research tools like Moz and Semrush that offer a free trial for anyone who wants to try them out, but right now, I’m satisfied with what Jaaxy Lite gives me.

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