Find a Niche For Affiliate Marketing

One of the first things to do as an affiliate is to determine a niche to write. A niche is something that a person knows about extensively and can help others learn. You probably have a few niches that you can write about so others can learn from your knowledge. Once you have a niche, you can start building your website and think of keywords that you can use for articles.

Here are a few niches that may interest you.


I like traveling, don’t you? I would someday like to do a blog on road trips, but that is something for the future. Do you like the beach? You could talk about all the beaches you’ve visited. How about the mountains? You can talk about all your camping trips and help people that have never been camping. You can talk about all of your favorite places. You can tell people about your experiences in different places, where to stay, what to do and when to go. Many people like to travel, and sometimes they have no idea where to go. I’ve read about popular public and private beaches, new gadgets that people bring when camping, staying at castles in Ireland, and so much more. There are many travel niches you can write about from present and past experiences.


I started a blog on collecting United States coins called simply Since I’ve written articles in there, people have asked me questions including how to start, where to buy coins and what they should collect. As of writing this, I’ve written over 100 posts and are planning on writing a lot more.

You may have a hobby that you can help others get interested. Here is a partial list of hobbies that I can think of currently: coin collecting, stamp collecting, building models, photography, painting, knitting, baseball cards, ham radio, drones, etc. Speaking of drones, I’ve seen many posts about them lately like taking aerial photos with them or racing them.

There are many hobbies out there. I’m sure anyone can write a lot about their favorite hobby.


Are you a sports fanatic? Do you have a favorite team? Write about them. I personally am a Boston Red Sox fan. I could write about members of the team, Fenway Park, where to stay nearby, preparing to see a baseball game, and other attractions in Boston.

Maybe you like playing sports and can help people learn more. Maybe you enjoy softball, tennis, golf, bowling, or bicycling. You can expand on any of these topics and make people explore more.


There are many people looking for their family history with sties like ancestry and 23andme. I’ve looked up my family tree in the past and there are a lot of places to do your searching on and off the internet. In the beginning, I received help from some of my relatives. I’ve been to actual archives to find information and been through census data to find ancestors. A blog could be built on this family information that has been discovered and this could encourage others to search their family trees as well.


It’s amazing how many blogs out there involve people’s experience with exercising and nutrition. A lot of health conscious people writing about what they believe you should eat and how you should exercise. I’ll tell you. There are some nutrients and supplements that I never heard of, but they’re out there. So, there are a lot of topics out there that a blogger can write about to keep people healthy.


If you’ve owned pets, or are just an animal lover, you might have found your niche. People are looking for help in taking care of their pets as well as what is the best pet food for them. You can talk about dogs, cats, fish, birds, guinea pigs, lizards, or any pet you may have owned. You may have some great tips that you can help others learn.


Gaming is more popular than ever with kids. I’ve seen reviews on different gaming systems, popular games and many accessories. Kids are playing games on their phones, tablets, laptops, handheld systems, and standalone systems. There are countless number of things to write about.


Some people like to learn about fixing things themselves like furniture, cars, electronics, etc. If you’re a handy person, you can help people repair things around the house and tell them about the right tools to use and what equipment they would need.

So, here are some ideas for you to determine your niche so you can start building you business website and make money from it. So, start thinking about a niche that you will be able to write a lot of posts. Any ideas you can think of? If not, try Wealthy Affiliate. They have videos and training to help you determine your niche. They’ll also help you find keywords and building your website. If you have found a niche to write, go to Wealthy Affiliate and get your website started.

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