Beginning Affiliate Marketing

Before we figure out to be successful at affiliate marketing, we should discuss what affiliate marketing is and why you can earn more than other work from home opportunities

What Actually is Affiliate Marketing?

Funny you should ask. A friend of mine asked me that previously. I told him that there are three people involved in affiliate marketing.

  • The first person is the business that provides products and services.
  • The second person is the customer who is searching for these products and services.
  • The third person is the one who helps the customer find the business that provides products or services that they are looking for. This third person is known as an affiliate.

This is where you come in. You will learn about being an affiliate, or the middleman between the customer and the providing business.You will be doing this by creating and adding content to a website or blog. Within the website or blog, you will add articles to interest customers and add links to the providing business so they can buy their products. If the customer buys something through one of your links, you, the affilate, will get a commission from the providing business. Simple, right?

What Must You Do To Become An Affiliate?

Before I answer this question, there are 3 things you need before getting started:

  1. Time: Can you put in some time this week to build up your affiliate business? Ler’s see. There’s 168 hours in a week. If you currently have a full time job, you’re working 40 hours or more. Assuming 40 hour/wk working, that’s brings us down to 128 hours. Of course, you have to sleep. We’ll assume 50 hours for that which now brings us to 78 hours. We’ll take out 2 hrs/day for eating and another 3 hrs/day for other activities (working around the house, dating, clubs, church, and other events). With all that, we are now down to 43 hours free in a week, or a little over 6 hours/day. Do you think you could work 1 to 2 hours of those remaining hours to begin your business? As time goes on, you will need to spend more time on it.
  2. Patience: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was making money through affiliate marketing. It is going to take some time before you see any revenue. For some people, it took weeks. For me, it took months, but I had stopped for some time because I was in between jobs. I’m hoping the next time I may be laid off, I won’t have to search for another job. I’m not making enough yet to do that, but hope to be doing so in the future.
  3. Lot of Work: Affiliate Marketing could be your full time job in the future, but just like a regular job, you will need to do a lot of work before you become successful. You will have to write article after article. The more you write, the more the customer will find your content, and a few will click on your links to the providing business and you will get commissions. If you’re wondering how much you can make, you must realize that 3.5 billion (with a B) people are on the internet. There are plenty of people out there looking for products or services and you can help some of them.

If you’re still interested in affiliate marketing after reading these 3 items, then let’s answer the question. To be an affilate, you’ll need to create and maintain a website, consistently add content, find keywords to get customers to look at your content and learn how to attract customers to your website. This is only the beginning, but there is help out there to assist you with this, and much, much more.

Wealthy Affiliate is Here to Help You

Wealthy Affiliate is a great resource for affiliate marketers. They will help you figure out a niche to work with and create keywords and a website based on your niche. I built websites for other people in the past and had to find a domain name for them, create the website, build web pages, add a database and a security certificate if needed, and maintain the website. If you’re nervous about creating and maintaining your website, don’t be. Wealthy Affiliate does it all for you. They create a WordPress website for you once you determine what you want to use for a domain name. You don’t have to worry about databases and adding a https: security certificate is as simple as pressing a button.

Wealthy Affilate also has plenty of training to help you become a full fledge affilate. They offer Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp course as well as weekly online training.

The best part of Wealthy Affilate is that there are over 1,000,000 other affiliates who at one time started there learning about affiliate marketing who can help you through training and live chats.

I Hope This Helped You Get Introduced To Affilate Marketing

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, please enter it below and I will get back with you.

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affilate, click here. Also, check out my next article about My Honest Review of Wealthy Affilate.


  1. Hi, Kevin. Good post. I especially liked the way you explained affiliate marketing using the 3 people approach. I hadn’t heard it quite that way before. It’s a very clear and concise explanation.
    I’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate. Does that platform really have over a million members now? Seems to me that they must be leading the industry.

    1. Thanks for the comment Grant! I’m glad you liked my explanation of affiliate marketing. It seems to be the way to go if you want to work from home. They claim to have over a million members. They definitely have a lot of members from what I have seen from chats, online training and all they offer.

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